This is a blog about embedded systems development for which the Haskell language plays a central role. We include here:

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This site is itself written in Haskell via the Hakyll library. You may find all of its source code at its GitHub repository.

Member Biographies

You can find members of the Haskell Embedded group on the GitHub Organization or in the IRC channel #haskell-embedded on Freenode.

Calvin Beck

I enjoy long walks on the beach, lukewarm coffee, and candle-making.

Chris Hodapp

I stumbled into Haskell around 2013. Well, more accurately, I had been stumbling into Haskell long before this, but in 2013 I stumbled into Haskell and for the first time did not just dust myself off and keep walking.

My undergraduate degree is electrical engineering (from University of Cincinnati in 2010). I worked at Valco Cincinnati through the co-op program that my degree required, and this introduced me to embedded design. This continued through being a founding member of the Hive13 hackerspace. Some professors at UC tried to steer me toward type theory and functional programming, but mostly I tried very hard to ignore them.

My brother saw me trying to hack up a DOS batch file to play tic-tac-toe, and showed me how to program in BASIC. I forgave him later for this. I learned Ruby in 2003 when I had a science fair project due the next week and very quickly realized that BASIC on MS-DOS was simply not going to handle a 40 MB dataset. This means that I can say completely un-ironically that I used Ruby before it was cool. It also led to me becoming an object-oriented programming snob. For reasons I really don’t remember, I learned Python 6 months later and have kept using it.

I forget why I wrote the above because it has nothing to do with Haskell or embedded programming.

Since 2004, my preferred tool stack was a combination of Python for anything high-level and C for anything lower-level.

Shae Erisson

I hate long walks on the beach. Actually, I have a passionate hatred for beaches in general. The sand always get into my laptop and this interferes with my Haskell time.