Presentation at CincyFP

Posted on June 9, 2015 by Chris Hodapp
Tags: haskell, atom

Later note: This post is back-dated because while I’d put the slides in the repository already, I had not actually linked to them or said anything about them.

The fine people at CincyFP, the local (to me) functional programming group, requested that I give a presentation on some of the embedded Haskell stuff I was doing, and I did this at the June meeting this year.

Slides from the presentation are up here (and Markdown source; or look in the repo). CincyFP seems to have mostly Clojure aficionados, so in terms of Haskell-heavy details I kept this presentation as a “part 1” to some possible future presentations. Actually, not even that, since the title was “EDSLs & Metaprogramming” and I only scratched the surface of that.

I start walking through an Atom example at slide 9. While I live-coded this at the presentation, I have no video or audio. However, I put my example code online here (and StringEmbed.hs).

The slides are fairly terse, and I intend to explain bits of them in the next few posts. Particularly, around slide 2, I try to explain a few different broad ways Haskell might be used on embedded systems, and this refers to similar categories as on the Links page. I find myself having to explain these distinctions quite often, so I am going to try to explain this better in posts to come.

Slide 6 is a little bit misleading. The next post tries to patch this up a bit.